Anthem Riders. Having fun, riding, and promoting the Motorcycle Lifestyle.

Formerly, the Anthem HOGS Chapter 2376, we are the group that rides. Upon the closing of Anthem Harley Davidson in September 2020, some of our members joined other HOGS chapters. Others of us, that didn't need a formal chapter to ride, wanted to stay in touch and continue riding together, hence this group was born.

We generally have about 30 riders, fielding six to fifteen bikes on a ride.

We have no dues, no initiation fees, no officers, and only one rule...Ride safely and respect other riders.

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Our Location

Somewhere on the open road

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11/21/2021 - Our 13th year in a row at St. Vincent de Paul delivering "Birds on Bikes"!

11/22/2020 - Our charitable Anthem Riders descended on St. Vincent de Paul on a mission, to deliver pounds and pounds of frozen turkeys ??!! Mission accomplished! Very proud of our group!

11/11/2020 - Former Anthem members we wanted you to see that your efforts will be making a difference in the lives of many in our community thru our final donation to our charity St. Mary's Food Bank. You all can be proud of the work we have done for them. Thank You All Anthem #2376 Members.